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Tournament Fishing

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Night Tournament Fishing - What a Rush!
By Barry Brasher

tournament fishingIt's four o'clock and I'm still at work, what to do? Clock out and go home. The tournament starts at six o'clock. The race is on, nothing in the world like it. Forty minute drive home, scarf down a sandwich, and off you go. On your way home and to the lake. The only thing going through your mind is what are we going to do? Fish the points, humps, roadbeds, ledges etc. What a rush trying to figure a way to beat fifty other fishermen that you have known most of your life. This is what makes tournament fishing so great!

When you first get started fishing these nightly events they become addictive. You probably will lose a lot more than you win but that’s just part of the fun. In every tournament you have your local pros that are very hard to beat, but this is how you learn to be a better fisherman - if you can get them to talk. Sometimes this is like pulling teeth. They get lockjaw when they are catching lots of fish.

The main thing is to ask the right questions, like how deep are you fishing? and what time are you catching most of your fish? This will tell you a lot. Asking what bait they are using won't get you crap. They are not going to give this up. Be alert. Look around in boats to see what is tied on but most of time what they are really using is in the rod box. You are likely to learn more after the tournament so keep your eyes open and listen to what they have to say to one another. Every person has their own way of fishing and they deviate from this pattern very little. What I mean is you have pier fishermen, structure fishermen, bank fishermen etc. and you can learn a lot from each one.

Be observant when you are fishing to see which other fishermen are doing what. This will help you adjust to the type of fishing that seems to be best at that time. That doesn't mean fish their holes. Find your own! It goes a long way in making friends and they might have a faster boat than you when you have located fish. Hey it's dog-eat-dog when fishing so follow the unwritten rules of being your own man. Win or lose you will always learn something new and wonder what you did wrong to cause you to lose. Always try to congratulate the winners and be a good sport about it. These events will be the best times of your life. May God be with you during rehab because it is addictive! Its hard to stop once you get started. Have fun, be safe, and lots of luck! Maybe I'll see you there when they let me out!

Keep on fishin'!

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