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Do You Enjoy Fishing?


If you enjoy fishing here is some great information on popular fish, both fresh water as well as saltwater.


1. Trout: This is a very delicious fish. Because trout are considered a predator in their environment is important to leave plenty of them behind. They come in several different varieties including: Brown, Rainbow, Brook and Lake Trout.

2. Bass: This is probably one of the most popular fish in America. While belonging to the Sunfish family come in several different varieties including largemouth, white, and smallmouth.

3. Pike: Pike are also known as northern and have very sharp teeth and a surly attitude. They prefer the weedy shallows and wait to ambush their food. They are never in a hurry to strike.

4. Walleye: Walleye is one the best tasting fish of all. They often can be found in schools located near drop-off. Fishing for walleye is challenging but lots of fun.

5. Panfish: Panfish are especially fun and often quite easy to catch. They taste good at a very easy to catch. Different varieties of Panfish include: Bluegill, white crappie, black crappie, and Sunfish.


1. Bluefish: These fish can be very strong fighters but the same time are not that hard to catch. If you are looking for a fight this can be an exciting finish. They tasted too when eaten fresh.

2. Striped bass: This can be a difficult fish to catch. They are finicky about what they strike on and when. When fishing for striped bass you might try using bait fish such as bunker or herring. Spoons and plugs also well work well on a fly rod.

3. Cod: this is probably one of the most important commercial fish. Cod can be caught in cold months. These fish often weigh more than 30 pounds and so you will need some heavy line.

4. Flounder: Flounder is another Sunfish to catch that taste very good. If you have a small boat and a fish finding unit you will have a great time.

5. Redfish: Redfish are also called channel bass or red drum. You can catch redfish from New Jersey all the way the Houston. These fish enjoy shallow water and fight hard.

If you enjoy fishing all of the above fish provide great opportunities for a day of fun and good food.

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