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Planning A Perfect Fishing Trip


Planning a perfect fishing trip isn't as easy as loading your tackle box into the car and setting off in the direction of water. You need to really define what exactly you want in your fishing experience and plan accordingly.

There's lots to consider when planning your trip and even more so if you are planning a trip with buddies or for your family. Not everyone has the same idea when it comes to the perfect fishing trip and a little bit of planning can help make it a trip everyone can enjoy.

Here's some things to consider for your next fishing trip:

Catching That Perfect Fish

Before you can catch the perfect fish you have to decide which species of fish you want to go for. While some people love trout others might be avid bass fisherman. Since bass are found in warm waters and trout in cold waters, someone might be disappointed if you did not consider the type of fish before picking a location.

Deciding on what type of fish you want to catch narrows down your destinations for you a bit which can help in further planning. Don't worry though, there's plenty of places to go no matter which type of fish you are angling for!

Size Or Quantity?

Some anglers like to catch fish after fish after fish. They aren't happy unless they are reeling them in and size isn't really that important, although there's always that hope that the next nibble could be a big one. Others are only interested in catching the big fish in the pond and will sit patiently all day waiting for him to give a nibble.

While there are many places that offer an opportunity for both types of fishing, this should be discussed beforehand so that each member of the trip can be sure they are getting the type of fishing they enjoy.

Fishing Style

One other thing to consider is the method you will use to catch the fish. Will you be wading into streams? Trolling? Deep sea fishing? Each one is a different experience and many people have their preference. Make sure your group agrees on a method of fishing and that the destination you are thinking about offers that type of fishing.


As with anything, what you can afford will largely impact what you can get for your fishing vacation

You need to get together with your group and decide what you can spend. Perhaps you will have to make some compromises such as sleeping in a tent instead of a cabin so you can afford a couple days with a good local guide.

The hard part here is getting everyone in the group to agree on how much to spend and where to put the bulk of the money. One way to save money is to do your own cooking or have everyone in the group bring a frozen dish along (enough to feed everyone) and you'll have free meals for several nights.

When planning your trip, don't forget about shower and bathroom facilities - especially if this is a family trip. If you have opted for camping, the showers and bathrooms will be community so you will have to share. A cabin on the other hand will provide some privacy.

So, if you really want a great fishing trip, start by planning just exactly what you want out of the trip and how much you are willing to spend. Do it right and you can have the fishing trip of a lifetime.

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