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Penn Fishing

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Penn Fishing Gear - Best Ever For 80 Years
By Abhisek Agarwal

penn fishingFor almost eight decades PENN Company has devoted itself to be the topmost manufacturer of fishing equipment. Since 1932 this company has been churning out and also designing extremely durable and log lasting gear for fishing. People now weigh the fishing equipment with the standards set by the PENN angling gear as required quality criteria for the market.

Founding of PENN Company
Otto Henze is the founder of PENN. He left another organization to starts his own company which he founded in 1933. Initially Otto Henze manufactured two kinds of reels which came to be known as the best and most popular saltwater reel at that time. From the start of the company PENN angling tackle has been known for the ingenuity, durability and quality of its goods. To this day this reputation is carried on for all the equipment produced by PENN.

Diversified into many kinds of equipment
Now PENN is into producing several kinds of equipment for fishing. Their main focus is to make more durable rods and a higher quality of reels, but their ingenuity does not end here. They also offer a range of trimmings as well to maintain the reel and rod in good working condition. This apart PENN also makes a line of particular trill reels which are used for fishing operations on a large scale and commercial rigs. The equipment that is made by PENN Company is not just durable and effective; it is also very stylish and sleek in its finish.

The customers well being is also kept in mind while manufacturing the fishing gear on one side by PENN. They have also started a clothing line and other personal protective gear for the customer, so that the person will get maximum protection while out in difficult weather conditions. For wet and stormy weather the protective wear is made from materials that are resistant to water and will keep the person dry and warm. Like all their other equipment these items are also strong and can stand the test of time.

Besides this, PENN also produces fishing lines, reeds and rods. The research and development department has done them good and their products are easily the best in the industry today. Most of the products manufactured by them are keeping the salt water angler in mind, as even the fishing line that is made by PENN is particularly for big game and fishing in saltwater. So in case you are thinking of fishing in the sea, the fishing line made by PENN would be perfect.

To ensure that the customer can take good care of all the equipment that they have bought from the, PENN has also collaborated with other companies to develop lubricants and cleaners that will take care and maintain all the equipment in perfect condition. As saltwater can cause the equipment to rust they have worked on developing a rust inhibitor that is of a special kind to make sure that the reel you have got from PENN stays new with proper maintenance. With the customer being their primary concern, PENN has become the most renowned name as a manufacturer of fishing equipment.

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