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Fishing Holidays

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Fishing Holidays - The Ultimate Fishing Experience
By Sabrina Johnston

fishing holidaysIf you want a fishing holiday that gives you the ultimate challenge with the hardest fighting fish on the planet or maybe you want world class trout fishing?

Well, India has it all and much more, amongst some of the most stunning and beautiful scenery on the planet. Fishing holidays in India have much to offer the adventurous angler.

The vast rivers of India supply a huge variety of fish and offer any angler a variety of superb fishing holidays.

A Wide variety of fish

The Indian water hosts a huge variety of fish, including the mighty Masheer, the ultimate freshwater challenge guaranteed to bring a tingle of excitement to any angler.

Fish in some of the worlds most stunning scenery

India’s rivers meander through the vast expanse of the Gangetic Plains and flow down the peninsular South India.

As most of the north Indian rivers originate from the Himalayas, the clear waters of these raging rivers and their tributaries offer excellent angling and fishing, in areas of great scenic beauty.

They also offer a breeding ground for a huge number of different varieties of fish. Fishing holidays can range from Himalayan mountains, to the coastal stretches of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

The Masheer : The Ultimate Freshwater Fishing Experience

The Masheer is only found in India, it is renowned as the hardest fighting fish on the planet and the ultimate fishing experience for any freshwater angler.

The Mahseer is a fresh water scaly fish, which can attain a huge size and exceed 100lbs. It gives more sport for its size than a Salmon and is therefore considered the best sports fish in the world.

The Maheerer requires skill to test any angler

Mahseer of 70 - 80 lbs, are frequently caught in Indian waters and sometimes catches have been reported of Mahaseer of over 110lbs.

Angling for the formidable Mahaseer requires strength, determination, skill, practice and speed.

The Masheer is appropriately called the 'tiger of the water' so, if you are looking at fishing holidays then why not go for the ultimate fishing experience landing a Masheer?

World Renowned Trout Fishing

Two varieties of trout, namely the rainbow trout and the brown trout, exist in India.

Anglers from across the world take fishing holidays in India to trout fish in the rushing waters of the clear water streams and high altitude lakes of the upper Himalayas.

Trout fishing in India not only offers a wide variety of superb fishing holidays, but the chance to fish in some of the most spectacular scenery of India or, anywhere else.

India for the ultimate Fishing holidays

If you are looking for the ultimate in fishing holidays then, India offers a unique and thrilling angling experience.

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