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Pier Fishing


Pier Fishing
By Joshua Taylor

pier fishingThere are many advantages and disadvantages to pier fishing. If you do not have a boat, pier fishing is the next best alternative. Some of the advantages that you have while fishing from a pier is:

* The height advantage, you can target fish easily when you can see them

* Bait is normally very plentiful around bridges and piers, so you have the bait right under you.

* You save a tremendous amount of money on gas, especially today, with the gas prices like they are.

* Pier fishing is overall more efficient for the pocket book.

* Catching great game fish is a very common thing because where there is bait; there is always game fish of some kind around.

If you are trying to target certain species of fish from a pier, there are some things that you will need to know. Such as, the understanding of that specific species, how they feed, when they feed, what type of structure they are housing themselves in and the specific fishing tactics. For example, if you are going to fish for Mangrove Snapper, you do not want to fish the non structural sandy part of the pier. First, you should ask the people around you because believe it of not this is one of the most efficient ways to learn about the different areas to fish. If there are bait house employees ask them, they are usually very helpful. Now you want to try and find structure because snapper are structure loving fish! Usually where there is structure there is bait, so you should figure out what they are eating and the best way to do this is match the hatch. Therefore, in other words what type of bait that is plentiful in your area because this is most likely what the fish are feeding on. Now that you have location and bait figured out the only thing that you need now is the rig and technique. Following these steps for each of the different species will improve you odds for catching fish from a pier. To learn more about different techniques be sure to visit Pier Fishing Guide. You do have to become a little more creative when fishing from a pier because you are not going to the fish you have to get there attention and get them to come to you. There also disadvantages when fishing from a pier some of the disadvantages are:

* You have to be extremely patient, because you have to draw the fish to you.

* Boater sometimes has the tendency to spoil things by rudely going through your fishing lines in search for bait.

* Landing large game fish can be a tad bit tricky if a novice pier fisherman, you must learn to rope gaff your fish or use a drop net.

* You must learn to maneuver around pilings when you do get a good fish

As you can see there are many advantages and disadvantages to pier fishing with that being said all fishing is fun you just have to learn and be creative in order to be.

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