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Fishing Hook

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When A Simple Fishing Hook Becomes Something Special
By Trevor Kugler

fishing hookEveryone reading this article is aware of what a fishing hook is, right? Obviously, or you wouldn't be reading a fishing article. We all use fishing hooks to attempt to catch our quarry. When does a simple fishing hook become something special? When that simple fishing hook is transformed into a "gang hook", that's when.

So what the heck is a "gang hook" anyway? A "gang hook" is simply two hooks tied in tandem. Gang Hooks are primarily used in bait fishing. These hooks are the most natural way to present any worm that has ever been devised. With a little research, gang hooks are fairly easy to tie yourself, or you can go somewhere like JRWfishing and buy them. It doesn't really matter how you get them, all that matters is that you start to use them when you fish.

In most cases "gang hooks" are tied with much smaller hooks than you are probably accustomed to using. In the old days, anglers used to use a larger hook and try to 'thread ' a worm or worms onto said hook. This technique, of threading a worm or worms onto a hook, creates what has been called a "worm ball". A "worm ball" may be many things, but natural looking isn't one of them. Most of the gang hooks that I've seen are tied with either size 8 or 10 hooks, with 10 being the most popular. A worm baited on a set of size 10 gang hooks is as natural a presentation as you will ever see. The hooks are practically invisible.

And don't forget about using "gang hooks" for any dough bait that you might use (such as Powerbait and the like). In the case of dough baits these hooks enable the angler to present double the bait. You can have two chunks of bait floating off of a single line. Gang Hooks are very effective for dough bait fishing as well as live bait fishing.

This is precisely how a simple fish hook becomes something special……by making that simple fishing hook into a set of pre-tied gang hooks. Start using gang hooks and you will begin catching more fish, I guarantee it.

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